Peace of mind with your child's security in school with the most innovative solution.

SmartSapp caters to the current child-security lapses in schools and gives parents more control to ensure it.

How It works

Setting up and using SmartSapp is simple and can be explained in a few steps

Set up schools

When a school opts to use SmartSapp, our team will typically show up at the school and set up its account with the relevant details and hand over the account to the school's administration.

Enroll parents & children

With the school's account set up, information on parents and their children will be taken and used to generate the necessary identification. At this point, parents can install and set up on their SmartSapp mobile apps.

Scan to drop off & pick up

At the beginning of the day, parents can check their children into school and pick them up at the end of the day using their personalized QR codes.

Watch SmartSapp in action

Take a look at how it works and hear what parents and teachers have to say about it!

Reaching clients on every channel

A Web-based portal for teachers and students and a mobile app for parents.

Download the app

The SmartSapp platform is cloud-based and can be assessed on mobile devices by installing the SmartSapp android or iOS mobile app. Google PlayApp Store

App on android
App on iphone

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