Where is your child?

Introducing; A NEW APP that ensures every child is picked up from your school by the right person without delays and traffic jams

“My child is safe.” I thought same until I discovered this:

Is your child really safe?

As you probably know, the safety of children is getting worse every minute. A child goes missing in the United States every 40 seconds according to FBI reports. In Africa, 25,000 children are reported missing by the Red Cross yearly. There has been a dramatic rise in the number of missing children in Ghana according to police reports.

Crime statistics have shown that, majority of abduction cases are committed by people children know. Sadly, one of the easiest places anyone can ...

You deserve better. Don’t you?

I’m pretty sure you have heard disturbing stories of missing children; some held for ransom, some found dead with missing body parts and yet others were never found. As you can see, if your child’s school continues to do what they are doing now, your child could be mistakenly or on purpose abducted by somebody. You don’t want this to happen to your child.

As you read through this webpage, let me share a few terrifying incidents that happened recently – a sad event involving a disgruntled ex-family driver who went back to a school six months after he was fired; mentioned the names of two children he used to pick up from the school and ...

Where do we go from here...

The great news is, we have a solution. Basically, a push button application (SmartSapp) on your phone that guarantees that only people you have authorized can pick up your child from school. This gives you absolute peace of mind, knowing that your child can only be picked up by people you trust.

Ready to Move your school security and safety to the NEXT LEVEL?


An exciting trusted solution for a secure, quick and stress-free pick-up process that eliminates traffic jams and guarantees the safety of every child at dismissal times.

What if we could make your current pick-up process a quick and stress free drive-through experience?

Just imagine the ability to alert your child’s school when you are on your way to pick your child. As you pull up at the school, your child is all prepped.

The security person walks up to you, scans a unique QR code on your app. Beep! You are reliably verified and confirmed as the right person to leave with the child. Off you go! All this happens in less than 30 seconds without you getting out of your car.

NO Stress, NO chaos from traffic jams, NO frustrations, NO security lapses, just PEACE OF MIND. As you can see, with this system all children are fully accounted for during dismissal. You are guaranteed that only people you trust and have authorized can have access to your child. That’s a huge relief!

It's that simple and secure!

Why SmartSapp users are blown away; brace yourself

When the Security & Safety Manager of Ghana International School (GIS,) Mr. Richard Agbettoh, saw the relief and excitement on the faces of his parents when SmartSapp was implemented in his school, he said:

“You do not need to convince any school to sign up or implement this system, the impact speaks for itself”.

A parent (Mr Stuart Gold) whose child’s school uses SmartSapp had this to say:

“What this app offers is a sea change in the way we do security in our school”

If I were you, I would love to see a demo!

Picture your school 30 days from now: what will you wish to see? - Continue down the path of stress, frustrations, anxiety and near misses? Or move to a new solution for a secure, quick, and stress-free pickup process that eliminates traffic jams and guarantees absolute peace of mind with the safety of every child in your school?

Now, I will like to help you move your school to the next level. Click the button below if you are a school owner/Admin to book a free demo with us now. If you are a parent, you can refer your child’s school to us. We will share with you how we are currently helping other schools like yours move to the next level.

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The one thing guaranteed to make your child the best and achieve their biggest and boldest dreams:

Every child is a genius.

Your child can be the best and achieve their biggest and boldest dreams if you are involved with their school life.

It has been proven that, when parents like you are involved in their children’s educational journey the results go through the roof.

Your child deserves to feel safe and supported in school irrespective of your busy work schedule.

Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed or guilty. I understand you. Lots of parents ...

I want to:

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The easy, seamless and fun ways for parents to be involved in their childrens’ school life.

Top schools are using SmartSapp to achieve just that! They can’t be wrong!
SmartSapp seamless features infographic

Expect transformation in your school!

Schools like yours currently using SmartSapp have:
  • Dramatically reduced pickup time from 25 minutes to less than 30 secs (98%)
  • Saved parents an average transactional cost with school by Ghs800 a month
  • Cut down about 80% manual activities by school staff
  • Increased parents satisfaction with school services to over 80%
  • Instant change in attitude of staff, parents and pickup persons across the school

How do I get started?

Start your school’s transformation in 3 easy steps:

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