1. All amounts quoted are in Ghana Cedis. Items whose prices are quoted in USD will be converted at the prevailing BOG Dollar at Cedi buying rate the invoice date.
  2. Quoted prices are inclusive of NHI/GFUND Levies and VAT.
  3. All billing milestones are payable and due 30 days from invoice date.
  4. System implementation outline will be shared with the customer after a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement has been signed.
  5. School to implement SmartSapp alongside a documented Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on how all users must conduct themselves especially during drop off and pick up.
  6. School will have access to all information gathered whilst using SmartSapp.


  1. School is to ensure that only authorized staff operate and handle the portable scanners at all times.
  2. Any modification to hardware or other onsite equipment must be performed by an authorized personnel. This may include mounting, drilling holes for cables, providing power for the system, etc. in instances of biometric staff attendance installation. MineX 360 technicians will provide assistance when modifications are needed. 3.School to decide on printing and lamination of QR codes for Parents/Guardians without smart phones. Where MineX 360 Services will be required to print and laminate QR codes for Parents and Pupils, the cost implications will be agreed with the School.


  1. School is responsible for communicating with Parents and Teachers on the requirements of the software. However, before the implementation of SmartSapp, the School may organize a PTA meeting and invite the SmartSapp team to demonstrate how the system works and the benefits to the parents. The SmartSapp Team shall be available for another PTA meeting after implementation to receive, clarify and address any feedback that Parents may have.
  2. School is responsible for all support infrastructure required for the SmartSapp to work. Infrastructure shall include (but not be limited to) electrical power to charge scanners and a source of power for the biometric staff attendance devices, as well as internet to support the system.
  3. School will be responsible to provide all APIs needed to integrate with existing systems where required.
  4. School is to ensure that all parents download and install SmartSapp before Go-Live.
  5. School will be responsible to communicate with Parents that, the QR Code cannot be scanned on cracked phone screens.


  1. School shall nominate a Single Point of Contact often referred as the SmartSapp Champion who shall be trained by the MineX 360 Services team to provide support for all users of SmartSapp in the School.
  2. The setup of the SmartSapp system, its scanners, Admin and Super user interfaces will be done by MineX 360 Services. However, Teachers from the School will be required to provide a second level of validation for the data captured by class.


Warranty period for Hardware and Software shall be two terms from commissioning of SmartSapp. The warranty entails software updates, software fixes and repair or replacement of failed parts. Warranty does not include repair of damaged or abused parts. School will be required to replace a damaged Hardware at its own cost. Based on the package chosen by a School, warranty shall cover tablets provided by MineX 360 Services.


The SmartSapp system is designed to assist Schools record the attendance (drop off and pick up) of their students using QR codes. It does not, in any way or form, substitute or take away the responsibility of either the school or parents regarding the security of the student. Each user of the SmartSapp is fully responsible for the safe-keeping of either the hard copy QR or the mobile version of the QR code. Under no circumstance shall a user give his or her QR to another person to use in dropping or picking a student from any school. This will constitute a breach of use of the system.