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COVID-19 Risk Rating

With COVID-19 risk rating feature, your school can easily assess the health status of every student using parents' knowledge of their children. The safety of the entire school community is assured because only students with low risk will be cleared to be in school.

Social Distancing

Enforce social distancing at school during drop-off and pickup with SmartSapp’s “On my way” feature. Parents and delegates can alert you before they get to school, enabling you prepare their children for pickup thereby eliminating long queues and crowds that are avenues for the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 risk rating app images

Contact Tracing

Using data gathered during drop-off & pickup of students daily, it is now easy to ensure paperless recording and effective tracking of students, parents & delegates information. SmartSapp can effectively track and keep records of all parents and delegates who drop off or pick up students. In an unfortunate situation where a parent or delegate tests positive for covid-19, it's easier to start contact tracing with all the data available.

Blended Learning

Continue to keep students who may be absent from school due to illness or exposure to COVID-19 actively learning using SmartSapp Elearning portal. This app helps teachers and schools organize live lessons and assignments so that students can keep up with lessons wherever they are.

COVID-19 risk rating app images